• Thank You for Celebrating Migrant Action Trust's 20th Anniversary!

    We extend our deepest gratitude for your presence and participation at the 20th anniversary celebration of Migrant Action Trust. Your support made the event truly special, and we are immensely grateful for your commitment to our cause.

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    The anniversary celebration marked a significant milestone for our organization, symbolizing two decades of empowering and supporting migrant and former refugee communities in Auckland.

    Your presence not only honoured our achievements but also showcased your dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive society. Together, we have the power to create a positive impact and shape a brighter future for all.

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    We value your belief in our advocacy of providing better employment opportunities and culturally-sensitive driving lessons for migrants and former refugees.

    With your continued support, we can drive transformative change and uplift these communities. We kindly invite you to partner with us in our fundraising efforts, as your contributions directly impact the lives of individuals seeking a fresh start. Additionally, we kindly request that you share our fundraising link with your network, amplifying our message and reaching individuals who share our passion.

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    Your support is instrumental in our mission to create a more inclusive and prosperous community.

    We sincerely hope to continue collaborating with you, nurturing fruitful partnerships that benefit the migrant and former refugee communities, as well as the wider diverse community of Auckland


  • Watch Marie's story and see how your small donation greatly impacts the lives of our former refugees, solo mums, and survivors of family violence driving learners.

  • Invest in growing confident and successful communities by making a donation today. Please use our bank account number to make a donation.


    Migrant Action Trust


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  • Migrant Action Trust's 20th Anniversary Fundraiser

    Help us fund 20 more FREE programmes for Migrants and Former Refugees

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    As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we invite everyone to help us help more migrants and former refugees by donating $20 or more

    The Migrant Action Trust empowers migrants and former refugees through employment-readiness workshops, community driving programs, and various community-building projects. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary of growing confident communities in Tamaki Makarau, we cordially invite you to celebrate with us.


    To mark this milestone, we are calling on you to partner with us in supporting 20 more free English classes and one-on-one job search coaching sessions for newly settled migrants. We also aim to empower 20 more former refugees, particularly solo mothers, through culturally appropriate and trauma-sensitive driving lessons that will grant them the gift of independence.


    Your support will help the Migrant Action Trust enhance its capacity to support new settlers by increasing their employability, boosting their confidence, mobility to services, reducing isolation, and improving the overall well-being of the whole whanau.

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    Use of funds

    Your kind and generous donation will enable us to continue providing FREE employment support programmes and culturally-sensitive driving lessons to migrants and former refugees in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand.