• Migrant Action Trust

    Growing confident communities together by assisting migrants and former refugee communities in integrating into the mainstream New Zealand society, enabling them to participate and actively contribute to the country's development, and to achieve their aspirations of a better life. 

  • Statement of Support for the Palestinian Community in Aoteroa and around the World

    In the face of an ongoing genocide, neutrality is not an option; integrity compels us to make a choice.

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    At Migrant Action Trust, we firmly believe that, for our vibrant and diverse communities of migrants and former refugees, mere charity falls short.

    We are committed to upholding a broad and global solidarity with those who strive for freedom, justice, and land sovereignty. This commitment is an integral part of our organizational social responsibility.

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    We take great pride that as an organization, we have made the conscious decision to stand on the right side of history and support the Palestinian people in Tamaki Makaurau and across the globe.

    From the river to the sea, let it be known: Palestine will be free!