• Achieve your much-needed New Zealand driver's licence with us!

    At Migrant Action Trust, we recognize the challenges of obtaining a driver's license. That's why we offer two dedicated driving schools, Puketāpapa Community Driving School and Open Road Programme, staffed by our experienced and qualified instructors. Our mission is to assist migrant and former refugee communities in becoming safe and responsible drivers, ensuring their road readiness and enhancing their driving skills. Join us as we prioritize your safety behind the wheel.

  • Driving Towards New Beginnings: Amena's Inspiring Journey as a Former Refugee

    Read the story of Amena, a valued member of our community and a former driving learner, and how getting her driving licence helped her start a new life for herself and her whanau.

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    Amena, like many others, arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand as a refugee seeking safety. The Puketāpapa Community Driving School and Migrant Action Trust have been instrumental in helping her and her family settle into our society. Like most refugees, Amena's journey was marked by heartbreak, leaving behind her job, friends, hometown, and comfort in her home country due to political turmoil.


    Yet, amidst the challenges, Amena gives an incredible spirit of positivity and joy. Thanks to our dedicated driving mentors, she successfully passed her restricted license test, granting her the freedom to drive legally. This means that she can now independently drive to attend English classes at the university. This also means that as a Mom, she can now safely pick up and drop off her children at school without relying on public transportation or her husband's assistance.

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    These pictures were taken the day when Amena received her driver's licence. Reflecting on her past accomplishments and the hardships she overcame, Amena discovered hope through obtaining her license—a symbol of fresh beginnings and the chance to build a new life in her adopted homeland.


    Amena made a heartfelt promise to empower other refugees, especially women, to find freedom and a sense of belonging in New Zealand. She aspires to support them in making this country their new home.


    If you're interested in booking a driving lesson, please visit the PCDS website or call 022 473 0284.


    Let Amena's strength and determination inspire us all. Together, as a community, let's work towards the success and integration of every former refugee in our beautiful Aotearoa.